Carton Handling System

Armstrong is one of the market leaders for carton handling systems and has an extensive experience of applications in various industries. We take into consideration your manufacturing and processing needs and translate them into Carton Handling systems that help to increase your productivity at the same time reducing your costs.


Filling and Packing

Armstrong has been in the Carton filling and Packing business for many years and has been providing bespoke integrated packing solutions to leading companies.
- Robotic Carton Filing
- Ergonomic Filling Station
- Carton Flap Closure & Taping

Merge & Lift

After Carton packing our various alternatives of Merging & lifting them not only frees up your invaluable floor space but also allows unhindered man-machine movement.
- 90 Deg Merger
- Continuous Lift
- Parallel Merge
- Reciprocating Lift
- Saw Tooth Merge
- Spiral

Merge & Transfer

Our overhead “highway system” of conveyors rapidly merges the cartons coming out of the lift and transfers them to your Finished Goods Warehouse.
- 90 Deg Merger
- Parallel Merge
- Saw Tooth Merge
- Pre Engineered Structures
- 0 or Low Pressure Accumulation

Identification & Inspection

Our inspection & identification system ensures precise carton contents eliminating your retailors’ dissatisfaction. Moreover it also enables statutory compliances of coding & traceability.

Sorting & Palletising

Automated Sorting & Palletising eliminates labour, prevents wrong deliveries. We offer wide range of Sorting & Palletising technologies to suit your throughputs and budgets.

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Reports & Data Integration

Use palletisation data to tally & book the production into your ERP. User friendly interfaces & annunciations allow easy operation and online MIS reports. Preventive Maintenance schedules are also lined up and monitored by our software for high system uptime.

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