Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems - ASRS

When it comes to moving large quantities of merchandise and stock, the traditional methods of material handling and storage become obsolete. Not only do conventional methods become expensive, they also prove inefficient, and that is where ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) plays an important role in any manufacturing and distribution unit. ASRS from Armstrong provides optimal goods handling, fast material transport and reduced labour costs. ASRS is the best alternative to manual movement of goods, which is time consuming, and has minimal labour participation. The best aspect of using ASRS is that it helps to increase workplace safety and allows perfect utilization of warehouse space.

Pallet load

Pallet load ASRS machines at Armstrong are designed to handle entire pallets that can weigh more than a 1000 kg.

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Pallet racking now plays an important role in stacking pallets in a warehouse. At Armstrong, we provide customised, end-to-end solutions for pallet racking, for industries in any domain.

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MiniLoad ASRS

Mini Load ASRS at Armstrong are designed to typically carry small loads which include small cartons, trays and totes weighing below 50kg.

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  • ASRS enables minimal involvement of labour, allows for easy and direct access to the inward stock and at the same time makes it easy to store large amount of inventory, which is efficiently managed by a controlled system.
  • With ASRS it becomes easy to keep track and account for the quantity and location of the material in the system.
  • You can rearrange the sequence of the stock sent forward to the next process, once it is confirmed that the entire inventory is logged in the system.
  • You are able to provide superior service and manage client requirements easily, as ASRS provides 100% precise and error free real time information of the stock in hand.
  • ASRS saves costs and increases productivity, as the operation can be carried out without any interruptions, breaks, shift premiums and vacations.
  • Since the labour involvement is minimised, it leads to reduced breakage, damage in transportation and mis-stacking of stock.
  • ASRS helps to eliminate the procedure of physical stock taking and helps save time and cost.
  • It helps to do away with safety stocks, thereby reducing inventory.
  • ASRS boosts productivity of workers as it helps to eliminate tasks that do not add value to their work.